September 23, 2020
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LFC (DDD Farm)

The department of Livestock Farm Complex (LFC) established as per the guidelines of Veterinary Council of India, has the mandate to provide practical training, in the Livestock and Poultry farm activities, to students of College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry enrolled in undergraduate degree programme. Faculties of different departments are attached to LFC on rotational basis. Also, it provides necessary facilities for research of M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. students, when requires. At LFC cows, buffaloes, goat, horses and poultry are being reared. The farm is working for conservation as well as improvement/ up gradation of the breed characteristics of the animals/birds. Presently with 85 Hariana Cow, 69 Hariana heifer, 129 Sahiwal cow, 84 Sahiwal heifer, 40 Murrah buffalo, 23 Murrah heifers, 4 Nilli Ravi buffalo and 2 Nilli Ravi heifers a total of 702 animals are being reared. The farm has a feed manufacturing unit where the feed is being prepared involving the students for entrepreneurship training. One vermi-compost unit and one bio-gas plant are being used for handing the dung produced by the animals. The bull station is maintaing good quality elite bulls of Hariana, Sahiwal and Murrah breeds. The goat unit located at LFC is being managed by the department of veterinary physiology. The LFC has a milk pasteurization and packaging plant where the milk produced as being processed by department of Livestock Product Technology. The animals of the LFC are being utilised for various research trails being conducted by different students and Researches of the university. The good quality animals produced on farm as being sent to different govt. organization and NGO’s.

  1. G. Teaching: Following are the courses offered by this department at undergraduate level New VCI: Livestock Production Management- Livestock Farm Practices- Paper I & II.
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LFP 211 Livestock Farm Practices 1 (0+1)
2. LFP 221 Livestock Farm Practices 1 (0+1)




  1. Imparting instructions to V.Sc. and A.H. students  in LFC division as per the revised VCI syllabus
  2. To provide necessary facilities for On Farm Research
  3. Clean milk production
  4. Supply of clean milk to students, faculty as well as university staff
  5. Demonstration of livestock management and farm practice

Faculty members

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Assistant Professor Ph.D +919412556555
Dr. Deep Narayan Assistant Professor Ph.D +919415821530
Dr.Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor PhD +918449983939
Dr. Avinash Kumar Assistant Professor  PhD +917599058125
Dr. Padma Nibash Panigrahi Assistant Professor M.V.Sc. +919917757549