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DUVASU Celebrates Agriculture Education Day 3rd December 2020

DUVASU, Mathura celebrates Agriculture Education Day – 2020

An awareness programme for school students

DUVASU, Mathura celebrated the Agriculture Education Day on 3rd December 2020 to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first Agriculture Minister of the country and First President of Independent India. A strong personality who believed in maximization of agricultural production with a slogan ‘Grow More Food’. The motto behind this celebration was to create awareness and develop interest among school students in agriculture and veterinary science.

Professor P.K.Shukla, Dean, College of Veterinary science & Animal Husbandry focused for the celebration of the Agriculture Education Day as he desired that farmers and animal owners are the backbone of the Nation and our resources depends upon them, their growth, prosperity which will help them deaden poverty. Moreover, he guided the coordinators Dr. Ambika Sharma and Dr. Pawanjit Singh that school students should be motivated towards veterinary education as these students in future will help building Nation if they get an overview of the agriculture and veterinary science.

DUVASU organized an essay and a quiz competition for the Symbiosis school for excellence students on the theme: “Importance of Agriculture in the present scenario.”

The students actively participated in both the competitions and enhanced their knowledge regarding the importance of agriculture and veterinary science, their role in various spheres, contribution to the society, and agriculture education insinuation for transfiguring the existing system.

The occasion marked the display of posters on Agriculture Education Day.