June 23, 2024
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Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU)

The University has a well equipped AKMU (ARIS Cell).  The Cell provides internet connectivity to different Departments of Colleges and Offices of the University as well as hostel through LAN and wireless access point. This is useful for the retrieval of information and data from various sources on various aspect needed by students and teachers. This facility not only helps students, scientists and teachers of the University but also the farmers and animals –owners as their problems are addressed by making use of the latest information in that field. Through the ARIS Cell students, researchers and teachers get direct and rapid access to the various online journals, especially through CERA made available by Indian Council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi. The website of the University www.upvetuniv.edu.in is hosted and maintained by the ARIS Cell which provides the information about all the research, teaching and extension activities of the university. There is well equipped computer laboratory in the ARIS Cell where students can access internet, do the computer related work and can also retrieve information from various resources available online. The University is also a member of National Knowledge Network (NKN) and is connected through the network connectivity provided by NKN.

Name Designation Email Contact No.
Dr. Pawanjeet Singh Incharge, ARIS Cell pjsingh33@rediffmail.com +91-9412321059