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Animal Genetics & Breeding


Deaprtment of Animal Genetics & Breeding

Department was established in the year 1952 and there after, MVSc and PhD programmes were started in the years 1956 and 1962, respectively. Since inception, Department has executed several research projects. The Non-Plan schemes of U.P. State Govt. are Artificial Insemination Scheme, Heritability of Economic Characters of Cattle and Buffaloes, Statistical Study of Livestock Production, Management and Intensification of Research in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Scheme for Progeny Testing of Hariana and Murrah bulls for Genetic Improvement of Cattle and Buffaloes in U.P. and Poultry Research Scheme at Chakgangaria, Lucknow.

ICAR and U.P. State Govt also funded some other research schemes from time to time. Salient among them were All India Coordinated Research Project on Poultry for Eggs, Reciprocal Recurrent Selection in Poultry, Characterization and Conservation of Bhadawari buffalo and Conservation and multiplication of Bhadawari buffalo through Cryo-preservation of semen.

Based on Progeny Testing Scheme, selected superior Hariana and Murrah bulls were supplied to Animal Husbandry Department which played significant role in increasing milk production in the State. A new semen dilutor (named as D2) was evolved for the preservation of Hariana and Murrah semen. The level of exotic inheritance in crossbreds for their adaptability in Indian conditions was proposed as 62.5% in 1958, which was recognized all over the country.Under the AICRP and ICAR research schemes on poultry for eggs, three strains of White Leghorn were reported to besuitable in this agro-climatic condition.

Under crossbreeding scheme of U.P. State, HFx Hariana crossbred cows produced at Dairy Farm were supplied in the surrounding villages to increase milk production. Under NATP on “Characterization and Conservation of Bhadawari Buffalo”, twenty-six bull calves were selected and maintained in the department. After observing the semen quality, frozen semen was supplied to Semen Bank of NBAGR, Karnal and 24 bulls were supplied to the Department of Animal Husbandry for the conservation of Bhadawari buffaloes in its native tract.

Biostatistics and Computer Application Section of the Department takes care of teaching of all the courses and also assist and guide postgraduate students in research data analysis. Periodically, depending on the requirement, Computer Literacy Programmes for University and wards of weaker section of the employees are also arranged from time to time.



undertaken by the Department:

Courses (As per New VCI curriculum)

Course Title Course No. Credit Hours
Biostatistics & Computer Application AGB-111 2+1
Principles of Animal Genetics and Population Genetics AGB-121 2+1
Livestock & Poultry Breeding AGB-211 2+1

2. M.V.Sc. Courses

Course No. Credit Hrs
Animal Cytogenetics and Immunogenetics AGB601 2+1
Molecular Genetics in Animal Breeding AGB602 2+1
Population and Quantitative Genetics in Animal Breeding AGB603 2+1
Selection Methods and Breeding Systems AGB-604 3+1
Biometrical Techniques in Animal Breeding AGB-605 3+1
Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources AGB-606 2+0
Cattle and Buffalo Breeding AGB607 2+1
Small Farm Animal Breeding AGB-608 2+0
Poultry Breeding AGB-609 2+1
Laboratory Animal Breeding AGB610 1+0
Master’s Seminar AGB-691 1+0

3. Other Courses offered by the Department for PG and PhD Programmes

Course No. Credit Hrs
Experimental Design BST-512 2+1
Sampling Techniques BST-513 2+1
Statistical Methods for Applied Sciences BST-511 3+1
Methods for Applied Sciences
BST-501 2+0
Intellectual Property Right and Management in Agriculture PGS-503 1+0

4. PhD Courses

Course No. Credit Hrs
Recent Advances In Animal Genetics AGB-701 2+0
Recent Trends In Animal Breeding AGB-702 2+0
Advances In Biometrical Genetics AGB-703 2+1
Advances In Selection Methodology AGB-704 2+1
Bioinformatics In Animal Genetics And Breeding AGB-705 2+0
Advances In Molecular Cytogenetics AGB-706 2+0
Utilization Of Non-Additive Genetic Variance In Farm
AGB-707 2+1
Doctoral Seminar –I AGB-791 1+0
Doctoral Seminar –II AGB-792 1+0

5. M.Sc. Biotechnology Courses taught by the Department

Course No. Credit Hrs
Concepts and Methods in Molecular Biology BT-102 1 + 1
Molecular Genetics BT-201 2 + 1
Statistical Techniques BT-205 1 + 1

Manuals Prepared by the Department:

1. Biostatistics & Computer Application (AGB-111) NEW VCI

2. Principles of Animal Genetics and Population Genetics (AGB-121) NEW VCI

3. Livestock & Poultry Breeding (AGB-211) NEW VCI

4. Concepts and Methods in Molecular Biology (BT-102)

5. Molecular Genetics (BT-201)

6. Statistical Techniques (BT-205)

Research Projects:

S. No. Title of the project PI


Funding source Budget (Lacs)
1 Conservation and Genetic Improvement of Muzaffarnagari Sheep for
Multiplication of Superior germplasm
Dr. Deepak SharmaDr. Madhu Tiwari Depart. of A.H., Dairying and
Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI
2 Association between polymorphisms of Interleukin-2 (IL-2) and
Signal transducers & activators of transcription 5 A (STAT5A)
genes with milk production traits in Sahiwal and Hariana cattle
Dr. S.P. SinghDr. Deepak Sharma

Dr. Madhu Tiwari

Mr. Rakesh Goel

University Funded 2.10
3 Association between polymorphisms of Solute carrier 27A1 (SLC27A1) genes
with milk production traits in Sahiwal and Hariana cattle
Dr. Madhu TiwariDr. S.P. Singh

Dr. Deepak Sharma

Mr. Rakesh Goel

University Funded 1.45

Faculties Members

Name Designation Qualification Email Contact No. View
Dr. Deepak Sharma Associate Professor PhD +919837325578
Sri Rakesh Goel Assistant Professor MPhil +919457210868
Dr. Satyendra Pal Singh Assistant Professor PhD +919458808843
Dr.Madhu Tiwari Assistant Professor PhD. +919412120680
Dr.Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor PhD +917351714010
Dr. Avneesh Kumar Assistant Professor M.V.Sc. +919456836130