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Veterinary Anatomy


Department of Veterinary Anatomy

Introduction: Since inception of Veterinary College in 1947 the department of Veterinary Anatomy has been imparting knowledge to under graduate students and the post graduate studies were started in 1965. . First Indian PhD in Veterinary Anatomy was completed in this Department in 1970.


UG Courses as per VCI Regulations

Course Title Course No. Credit Hours
Veterinary Anatomy VAN 4+3=7

PG Courses as per ICAR Guidelines:


Course Title Course No. Credit Hours
Comparative Osteology & Arthrology VAN-601 1+2=3
Comparative Splanchnology VAN-602 2+2=4
Myology, Angiology, Neurology & Aesthesiology of Ox VAN-603 1+3=4
Gross Anatomical Techniques VAN-604 0+2=2
Theory & Practice of Histological & Histochemical Techniques VAN-605 1+2=3
General Histology & Ultrastructure VAN-606 3+1=4
Systemic Histology & Ultrastructure VAN-607 3+1=4
Developmental Anatomy VAN-608 3+1=4
Mater’s Seminar VAN-691 1+0=1
Master’s Research VAN-699 20


Course Title Course No. Credit Hours
Myology, Angiology, Neurology & Aesthesiology of Equine, Canine
& Porcine
VAN-701 0+3=3
Principles & Applications of Biomechanics VAN-702 2+0=2
Avian Anatomy VAN-703 1+2=3
Neuroanatomy VAN-704 3+1=4
Endocrine Anatomy VAN-705 2+1=3
Theory & Applications of Electron Microscope VAN-706 2+1=3
Histoenzymology & Histochemistry VAN-707 2+1=3
Applied Embryology & Teratology VAN-708 1+2=3
Functional Veterinary Anatomy VAN-709 2+0=2
Gross Anatomy of Laboratory Animals VAN-710 1+1=2
Special Problem VAN-790 0+2=2
Doctoral  Seminar I VAN-791 1+0=1
Doctoral  Seminar II VAN-792 1+0=1
Doctoral  Research VAN-799 45

Research highlights

Extensive research on histology and histo-chemistry of buffalo skin, endocrine glands, blood, male and female reproductive system, mammary gland, teat, thymus and placenta; embryological, histological and histo-chemical study on male genital system, urinary system, ovary, stomach, intestine, heart, skin, tongue  and effect of vaso-ligation and castration on male genital organs of Goat had been carried out by the department. Histological and histo-chemical studies on respiratory and urinary systems of fowl are some other major contributions of this department. Department had organized first Summer Institute of one month duration in Anatomy in the year 1972 and 21 days winter school in 2018. The department also organized Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists (IAVA) in 1991 and 2011. The department has also successfully taken up university funded research projects on development of thymus in goat and hemato biochemical studies of blood of Muzzafarnagri Sheep and. one RKVY project on “Entrepreneurial promotion by preparation of specimens from fallen animals” is also running in the department.

Ongoing Research Work:

Gross anatomical, Histological, histochemical study on stomach and heart of prenatal goat. Histological and histochemical study on the skin of prenatal goat.

No of post graduate students:

Fourteen PhD and twenty seven M. V. Sc. students have completed their degrees from this department. Currently 2 PhD and 1 MVSc student is pursuing their degree


Following facilities are available in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy :-

  • Osteology Laboratory
  • Histology & Embryology Laboratory
  • Histochemistry Laboratory
  • Post Graduate Laboratory
  • Dissection Hall
  • Museum
  • Seminar Hall


The Department is actively involved in teaching, research and extension activities.


  • First Indian PhD in Veterinary Anatomy, Dr. U.B. Singh completed his PhD in this Department in 1970.
  • Department had organized organized first Summer Institute of one month duration in Anatomy in the year 1972 and there after three days conference of IAVA in 1991.
  • Recently the Department Organized XXVIth Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists (IAVA) and three days National Symposium (Nov. 2-4, 2011)


The faculty members of the department are awarded with best teacher award, Fellow Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomist, Anatomist of the year (IAVA) award, best paper and best poster presentation award in national and international symposium, best PhD award, Young scientist award and best paper published awards in different journals.

Thrust area:

The thrust area of work of this department is Morphological, histological and histochemical studies on prenatal and postnatal development of different organs and systems in goat and the application of Anatomy in Forensic Science.


The department has published more than 200 research papers in national and international journals.