August 21, 2019
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Animal Nutrition


This department was established in year 1947 and M. V. Sc and PhD degree programme were initiated in the year 1958. Since establishment, Department has been pioneer in field of animal nutrition in India like mineral nutrition, anti-nutritional factor, unconventional feed etc. Department has been engaged in evolving cheap and economic ration for various categories of livestock and poultry by use of non-conventional feed sources which includes various type of agro-industrial byproducts, waste and fodders so as to spare maximum grains for human consumption. Department also developed simple machine which is very handy and compress the feed in form block to make them easy to transport from one place to another. Department has been instrumental in providing technical services to farmers, government officers, industry personals and livestock owners. Training of undergraduate and postgraduate students on proximate analysis, antinutritional factors, feed formulation of various classes of livestock and poultry produces trained man power for country as quality control expert and nutritionist.


  1. To produce well trained veterinarians for serving the nation and society.
  2. To advise farmers to feed balanced and quality ration to livestock and poultry and to economize dairy and poultry farming.
  3. To impart trainings to the veterinary officers, livestock extension officers regarding recent developments in animal nutrition and feeding practices of livestock.
  4. Upliftment of livestock owners by user-friendly technology.
  5. To act as a liaison between the farmers and the feed industry.

Thrust Area

  1. Formulation of cheap and balanced ration for cattle and buffalo
  2. Formulation of area specific mineral mixture for livestock.
  3. Use of herbal feed additive to improve productive performance of livestock.
  4. To identify newer and lesser known feedstuffs in order to fill the gap between demand and availability of feedstuffs


B. V. Sc and A.H.: All the UG courses like ANN-111, ANN-121 and ANN-211 as prescribed by Veterinary Council of India is taught to UG students.

Post graduate:  The Department offers Master Degree (M.V.Sc.) and Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Animal Nutrition. The courses are as per the prescribed syllabus of Indian council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).The research programme is decided by the guide in consultation with the student advisory committee


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Faculty Members

Name Designation Qualification Email Contact No. View
Dr. Vinod Kumar Assistant Professor & Incharge M.V.Sc
& PhD +919837636535
Dr. Muneendra Kumar Assistant Professor M.V.Sc. +919813762694
Dr. Raju Kushwaha Assistant Professor M.V.Sc. +918791881240
Dr.Shalini Vaswani Assistant Professor PhD +919451734971


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