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RTI – Right To Information

THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005 is an Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information forcitizens to secure access to information under the control of publicauthorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in theworking of every public authority, to containcorruption, and to enhance people’s participation in democratic process thereby makingour democracy work for the people in a real sense.

Since this University is governed by Uttar Pradesh Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya Evam Go-Anusandhan Sansthan Act, 2001, (U. P. Act. No. 27 of 2001)passed by the State Government. Thus the information can be obtained from University by the citizens of India under the RTI Act 2005.

Any request for obtaining information under the Act should fulfil the following conditions: (a) The information sought should be a part of the record held by or under the control of the public authority concerned. (b) The information sought should not: (i) involve fresh collection of non-available data which is not required to be maintained under any law or the rules or regulations of the public authority; or (ii) require carrying out new interpretation or analysis of existing data, or drawing of inferences, making of assumptions, or providing advice or opinion based on existing data; or (iii) involve providing answers to hypothetical questions; or (iv) involve answers to the question ‘why’, thus asking for reasons why a certain act was done or not done; or (v) be so vast that the collection thereof involves disproportionate diversion of resources affecting efficient operation of the public authority concerned. (c) The request for obtaining information shall not exceed five hundred words.

A person, who desires to obtain information under the Act from University, shall make a request in writing or through electronic meansto thePublic Information Officer or Jan Suchna Adhikari of the University. The request shall be made in the format given in Form 2 or on plain papermentioning the address at which the information is required to be sent. Such request under the RTI Act – (1) shall be accompanied by an application fee of rupees ten (Rs. 10/-) by way of cash or by demand draft or by Bankers cheque or by Indian Postal Order payable to the “Public Information Officer or Jan Suchna Adhikari, DUVASU, Mathura”. (2) For providing information under sub-section (1) of section 7 of the RTI Act, the fee shall be charged by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or by Bankers cheque or by Indian Postal Order payable to the public authority at the following rates: (i) rupees two for each page (in A-4 or A-3 size paper) created or copied; (ii) actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper; (iii) actual cost or price for samples or models, and where the information is available in form of priced publication, price so fixed; (iv) for inspection of records, a fee of rupees ten for the first hour, and fee of rupees five for each fifteen minutes (or fraction thereof) thereafter. (iv) For information provided in diskette or floppy or compact disk rupees fifty per diskette or floppy or compact disk, and (vii) for information provided in printed form at the price fixed for such publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication. (viii) In the case of maps and plans etc. the fee shall be fixed by the concerned State Public Information Officer in each case depending upon the cost of labour and material required to be employed.

List of Public Information Officers & First Appellate Authorities

Name of Department: UP Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalya Evam Go-Anusandhan Sansthan, Mathura

Public Information Officers / First Appellate Authority appointed

First Appellate Authority

Prof. Arun Kumar Madan


Office of the Registrar, Administrative Building, DUVASU, Mathura

Phone: 0565–2471178

Fax: 0565–2470819

Public Information Officer

Dr. Udit Jain

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Public Health

Contact No.: +91-9412404583

Email Id : druditjainvet@gmail.com

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