April 25, 2019
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At ILFC (DDD farm) cows,  buffaloes,  sheep, horses and poultry are being reared for teaching and research

Instructional Livestock Farm Complex (ILFC)

purpose. At present, 194 Hariana, 163 Sahiwal, 53 crossbred cows and 76 murrah buffaloes, a total of 486 animals are maintained in ILFC goshala. At ILFC, 5 horses and 152 muzzafarnagari sheep are also being reared by department of LPM and AGB, respectively and poultry farm is maintained by department of poultry science. At ILFC, a total of 110 acre of cultivable land is available for production of different types of seasonal green fodders including jwar, maize, barseem etc. to suffice the need of animals round the year. ILFC is well equipped with farm machinery and implements namely tractors, straw reaper, weighing bridge, tankers, trolley, chaff cutter, feed grinder, and submersible pump set etc. A total of 1,98,469 & 1,84,794 liters milk has been produced during 2013-14 & 14-15, respectively. The revenue generated from sale of milk and manure etc. is Rs. 53,05,590.00 & 53,45,633.00 during 2013-14 & 14-15, respectively. Milk produced at the dairy farm is made available to students at subsidized rates and to staff at prices competitive to market. A total of 13725.35 & 12,201.15 quintals green fodder has been produced during 2013-14 & 14-15, respectively. The grain (barley, oat etc.) production is 496.00 & 301.30 qts. during 2013-14, 14-15, respectively.  At ILFC, a gobar gas plant has been installed in the year 2014 for better utilization of cow dung, from which sufficient amount of electricity generated for various routine farm operation thus consumption of electricity has been reduced and an amphitheatre has also been constructed for casting and handling of animals during classes of UG students.

Faculty Member

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Dr.Satyendra Pal Singh Incharge ILFC/ Assistant Professor Ph.D. satsinpal21@gmail.com +919927536875