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Veterinary Microbiology old


Department of Veterinary Microbiology

Erstwhile UP College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Mathura was established in the year 1947. The ‘Department of Bacteriology and Pathology came in existence in the year 1950. With the recognition of specialties, the Department of Bacteriology and Pathology were split into Department of Microbiology and Department of Pathology in the year 1962. The Department of Microbiology imparts instruction in Bacteriology, Virology, Immunology, and Mycology for the award of B. V. Sc. & A.H. and M.V.Sc. degrees. While the failings of the department are its own, it owes, for its accomplishment, a-great debt to the first Principal of this Institution, Dr. P.G. Pande, who also was the first “Professor and Head of the then combined Department of Bacteriology and Pathology. Credit for infusing the department with new thoughts and modeling it on progressive lines goes to Dr. C.M. Singh, Ex-Director, ‘Indian Veterinary “Research Institute, who ably succeeded ‘Dr. Pande as Professor and Head of the’ Department. The department has its own historical legacy and is served by the eminent academician and scientist renowned not only in India but in the world.

Head of Department:

Sl. No Professor & Head Year from Year to
1 Dr. P.G. Pande 1950 1957
2 Dr. C.M. Singh 1957 1963
3 Dr. D.K. Murty 1963 1964
4 Dr. B.S. Malik 1964 1969
5 Dr. S.C. Adalakha 1969 1971
6 Dr. R.C. Pathak 1971 1989
7 Dr. D.P. Singh 1989 1998
8 Dr. A.K. Bhatia 1999 2009
9 Dr. S. K. Yadav 2009 2018
10 Dr. Rashmi Singh 2018 2021
11 Dr. S. K. Yadav 2021  Continuing

The department modestly claims to be the first in India as also in the world in respect to certain findings. Several new species of bacteria were reported for the first time viz. Salmonella Mathura, Salmonella Vrindavan, Salmonella Brijbhumi, Salmonella Gokul and Salmonella Goverdhan. Isolation of Shigella dysenteriae from monkeys and Shigella flexneri from Bloosom headed parakeet was reported for the first time. The causative agent of CRD in poultry (Mycoplasma) has been reported from this department for the first time in India. The existence and incidence of Infectious Bronchitis (IB) and Infectious laryngo-tracheitis (ILT) viruses of poultry have been reported by this department for the first time in India. Round heart disease of poultry in India was also reported from this department for the first time. Studies on the Mycoplasma infections in domestic animals have been the leading studies of this department. 16 species of Mycoplasma have been isolated for the first time in India. Enteroviruses of pig, sheep and poultry were also reported and studied for the first time in the country. Establishment of Para influenza (PI-3) virus in sheep in India; Twelve strains of this virus have been isolated from sheep, characterized and studied for their different properties. Isolation of Vibrio organism in buffaloes in India was also reported. Studies on Triihophyton simii infection in chicken, dogs and man-are also first reported in the country.

The Department is also recognized for the Doctorate and the post-doctorate research work. So far 113 students have obtained their M.V.Sc. and 16 their Ph.D. Degrees.

Apart from teaching and academic research, Department has handled several research projects funded by different funding agencies including DST, AICRP, ICAR, NATP etc.


Courses Offered:

Course No.

Name of the course

 Credit Hours

VMC-211 General Veterinary Microbiology 1+1
VMC-221 Veterinary Immunology and Serology 1+1
VMC-311 Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology 2+1
VMC-321 General and Systemic Veterinary Virology 2+1
VLD-421* Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis 0+2
VLD-511* Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis 0+2
VCP-411* Veterinary Clinical Practice 0+5
VCP-421* Veterinary Clinical Practice 0+5
VPB-321* Animal Biotechnology 2+1


Course No Course Title Credit
VMC-601 Bacteriology-I 3+1
VMC-602 Bacteriology -II 3+1
VMC-603 Veterinary Mycology 1+1
VMC-604 General Virology 2+1
VMC-605 Systemic Animal Virology 3+1
VMC-606 Principles of Immunology 2+1
VMC-609 Techniques in Microbiology and Immunology 0+3
VMC-605 Systemic Animal Virology 3+1
VMC-607 Vaccinology 2+0
VMC-608 Diagnosis of Infectious Disease 1+2
VMC-691 Master Seminar 1
BT-104 Principles of Microbiology 2+1
BT-204 Cell culture & Hybridoma Technology 2+1


Course Title Credit
Advances In Bacteriology 2+1
Advances In Mycology 2+1
VMC-703 Bacterial Genetics 2+1
VMC-704 Microbial Toxins 2+1
VMC-705 Molecular Determinants Of Bacterial Pathogenesis 2+1
VMC-706 Advances In Virology 2+1
VMC-707 Molecular And Genetic Aspects Of Viral Pathogenesis 2+1
VMC-708 Structure Function Relationship Of Dna And Rna Viruses 3+0
VMC-709 Oncogenic Viruses 2+0
VMC-710 Slow Viral Infections
And Prions
VMC-711 Molecular Immunology 2+1
Advances In Cellular Immunology 2+1
Cytokines And Immunomodulators 2+0
Advances In Vaccinology 2+0
Advances In Immunodiagnostics 1+1
Modern Immunotechnology 1+2
Current Topics In Infection And Immunity 3+0
Veterinary Microbial Biotechnology 2+1
Special Problem 0+2
Doctoral Seminar I 1
Doctoral Seminar II 1
Doctoral Research 45

Research Projects:

The department continues to engage in research work and a number of research schemes have been completed and continuing as follows: —

  1. Animal Virus Research Project for Sheep Pox with facility for cell culture (ICAR Project) Feb 1964 to Feb 1974
  2. All India coordinated Research project on Respiratory disease on Poultry (ICAR ) June 1968 to March 1974
  3. Staphylococcus Toxin Scheme (State Plan Project)  Completed in March 1974
  4. Scheme regarding Regional Enterobacteriace Centre (Non Plan Scheme)
  5. All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Epidemiological Studies on Foot and Mouth Disease
  6. PL-480 project on respiratory mycoplasmosis in domestic animals
  7. Genital Mycoplasma infections in Domestic animals with particular reference to prevalence and pathogenecity (October 1978 to April 1984
  8. Scheme for Investigation of Infectious Abortion (Brucellosis) Jan 1956 -1971
  9. Studies on etiology of genital disorders especially repeat breeding in cows and buffaloes using a polymicrobial approach (Project Under the Emeritus Scientist Scheme July 1989- July 1992
  10. Vaccine strategies for prevention of bacterial diarrhoea in neonatal calves. NATP, ICAR project, New Delhi (2002—2004).
  11. Effect of Ocimum Sanctumand Argemone Extracts on the induction of cytokines and their biological Characterization. DST Project, New Delhi. (2005—2008)
  12. Rural livestock production augmentation through disease monitoring and health interventions” – Niche Area of Excellence”, ICAR, New Delhi. Jan-2007- Feb2012
  13. “A perspective multi-centric, randomized, open label study to evaluate immunogenicity and safety of canine parvovirus nasal vaccine in pups” from Indian Immunologicals, Hyderabad.
  14. “Collection and testing of diarrheic faecal samples of cattle and buffalo calves for the presence of rotavirus from organized dairy units in Mathura and surrounding areas” funded by Pfizer Animal Health, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals India-Private Limited, India.
  15. “Clinical trial to study the safety and immunogenicity of Brucella abortus strain – 19 reduced dose vaccines in cattle” funded by IIL, Hyderabad.
  16. University funded project on “Screening of superficial wound and skin infections in animals for bacterial and mycotic pathogens and their drug sensitivity pattern with special reference to multiple drug resistance against commonly used antimicrobial agents”.


  • Real time PCR
  • Thermocycler
  • Gel Documentation system
  • Biosafety cabinet
  • Vertical Gel Electrophoresis
  • Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • ELISA reader
  • Immunoblot apparatus
  • COIncubator
  • Inverted Microscope
  • Refrigerated centrifuge

Training/ Conferences Organized:
The department has to its credit organization of ICAR Summer Institutes, Professional Conferences of All India Status and National Seminars and International Symposium:

  1. Summer institute in Infectious Abortion in Live Stock, From June 5thto July 1st
  2. Summer institute in prevention and control of Genital infections of Cattle, Buffalo& Goat, June 16thto Jul. 11th
  3. Fourth annual conference of IAVMI and Symposium on respiratory infections of Livestock and Poultry. December 24-26- 1982.
  4. National Seminar on Mycoplasma infections in animals, plants and Men. Feb. 27-29, 1984
  5. Summer institute on isolation and identification of Mycoplasma from animals, plants and humans, Oct, 27-Nov 10, 1985
  6. International World Veterinary Practitioner Symposium: Oct. 5 1988.
  7. First Congress of Indian Association of Mycoplasmologists and National Workshop and Symposium on Recent Advances in Mycoplasma Research in Man, Animals and Plant, 20-23 April 1989.
  8. National Symposium on Epidemiology of Important Livestock & Avian Disease Including Molecular Epidemiology, 19-21 Nov. 1992
  9. The national training cum workshop on cytokine assay 26th– 27th Feb, 2008,
  10. Training Program on Advanced Diagnostic Procedures on genital infections” under Niche Area of Excellence. September 16-20, 2009
  11. XXVIIIth Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologists, Immunologists and Specialists in Infectious Diseases (IAVMI) & International Conference on”Challenges and opportunities in Veterinary Microbiology and Animal Health” , 30th October-1st November, 2014.


Training/ Conferences Organized:

  • “Training cum Workshop on Cytokine Assay” organized in the Dept. of Micrbiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Sciences, DUVASU, Mathura on 26-27 Feb. 08.
  • Training programme on “Advanced Diagnostic Procedures of Genital Infections”  organized in the Dept. of Micrbiology and Epidemiology, College of Veterinary Sciences, DUVASU, Mathura on 2nd – 6th Feb, 2009.
  • Training programme on “Advanced Diagnostic Procedures of Genital Infections”  organized in the Dept. of Micrbiology and Epidemiology, College of Veterinary Sciences, DUVASU, Mathura on 16th – 20th Sep, 2008.
  • International Conference of IAVMI in the Dept. of Micrbiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Sciences, DUVASU, Mathura on 30 Oct – 1 Nov. 2014


Several eminent researchers from the Department attended international conferences and contributed papers on various occasions.

  1. Dr. R. C. Pathak,-IIIrd International conference of goat production and disease. Tucson, Arizona, USA, Jan. 10-15, 1982
  2. Dr. P. P. Singh-5th International congress of the International organization for Mycoplasmology. Jerusalem, June-24-29,1984
  3. Dr. V. P. Singh-First International meeting on advances in virology, May 15-18th, 1985, Catania, Italy
  4. Dr. A. K. Bhatia, International Seminar on Infectious diarrhoea in young calves-strategy for control iin human and animals. Feb. 11th– 15th, University of Pedong, Victoria, Australia
  5. Dr. R. C. Pathak,-2nd World Congress for Food Borne Infections & Intoxication, May 25-30, 1986, Berlin, West Germany
  6. Dr. R. C. Pathak,-6th International Congress of the IOM, 26-31 Aug. 1986, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
  7. Dr. B. C. Pal,-6th International Congress of the IOM, 26-31 Aug. 1986, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
  8. Dr. R. C. Pathak,-4th International Conference on Goat production and disease, 8th-13th March. 1987, Brasilia, Brasil
  9. Dr. R. C. Pathak- 7th  International Congress of the IOM, 2-9 June. 1988, Baden, Alustria.
  10.  Dr. B.C. Pal- 7th International Congress of the IOM, 2-9 June. 1988, Baden, Alustria.
  11. Dr. V.K.Chaturvedi, 7th International Congress of the IOM, 2-9 June. 1988, Baden, Alustria.
  12. Dr. S. K Yadav, ESVV International congress at Interlaken, Switzerland, 1994
  13. Dr. S. K Yadav , 12th International conference of Mycoplasmology at Sydney, Australia, 1998
  14. Dr. S. K. Yadav, International conference of Mycoplasmology at Vienna, Austria 2002.
  15. Dr. S. K. Yadav, Joint annual conference of VAAM and GBM, Frankfurt, Germany, March 2008
  16. Dr. S. K. Yadav, 6th Euro Virology Congress and Expo, Madrid, Spain, March 10-12, 2016
  17. Dr. Ruchi Tiwari, Asian Council of Scientific Editors , Deira, Dubai, August 10-11, 2016.
  1. Rashmi Singh, International Conference on “Virus Diseases: One Health-One World”, 25-27 July 2017, Kuching, Malaysia.
  2. Vinod K Singh, 2nd LASAM workshop on IACUC: Embracing Legalities and Responsibilities in Animal Research & 6th NCLAS, 30 Jul-2 Aug 2018, Bangi, Malaysia.