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Welcome to DUVASU, Mathura

Offices & Officers

Vice-chancellor’s Office:

Prof. KML Pathak, Hon’ble Vice-chancellor

Dr. PK Shukla, Scientific & Technical Advisor to Hon’ble Vice-chancellor

Dr. Mukul Anand, OSD & PRO

Registrar Office:

Dr. PK Shukla, Registrar

Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Deputy Registrar

Finance Office:

Shri Mukesh Kumar Jain, Finance Officer

Chief Personal Officer’s Office:

Dr. RP Pandey, CPO

Establishment Office:

Dr. Ajay Prakash, Establishment Officer

Post Graduate Studies:

Dr. PK Shukla, Dean PGS

College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry:

Dr. Satish Kumar Garg, Dean

College of Biotechnology:

Dr. Rajesh Nigam, Dean

Controller of Examinations Office:

Dr. Daya Shanker, COE

Dr. AK Madan, Deputy COE – PG

Dr. Madhu Tiwari, Deputy COE – UG

Dr. Rajesh Mandel, Deputy COE – Diploma

Directorate of Research:

Dr. Atul Saxena, Director Research

Directorate of Extension:

Dr. Sarvajeet Yadav, Director Extension

Directorate of Farm:

Dr. Ajay Prakash, Director Farm

Go Anusandhan Sansthan:

Dr. Sharad Kr. Yadav, Director Go Anusandhan Sansthan

Dean Student Welfare

Dr. MM Farooqui, Dean Student welfare

Store Purchase Office:

Mr. Rakesh Goel, SPO

Estate Office:

Dr. Jitender Kumar, Estate Officer

Security Office:

Dr. Vijay Singh, I/c Security


Dr. Sanjay Purohit, I/c Library

NCC Office:

Lt. (Dr.) Rajneesh Sirohi, Associate NCC Officer

Public Information officer:

Dr. Sri Praksh Singh, RTI Officer

ARIS Cell:

Dr. Pawanjeet Singh, I/c ARIS Cell

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