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Veterinary Medicine


 The Department of Medicine was established at U.P. College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Mathura in 1950 (three years after establishment of the college). The department started granting M.V.Sc. degree in 1962 and Ph.D. degree in 1970. Besides teaching of undergraduate and post graduate degree programs, department is providing expert clinical services through Kothari Veterinary Hospital (TVCC) and ambulatory clinical services in and around Mathura district.


Improving animal health through better diagnostic, therapeutic and control measures for diseases. In addition, the department intends to impart quality graduate and post graduate training through better research and dissemination of knowledge to animal health specialists and dairy farmers at the field level.


  • Improve diagnosis and treatment of animals.
  • To conduct need based research for development of effective diagnosis,
    treatment and preventive measures against economically important
    diseases of livestock.
  • To provide quality education in veterinary medicine to undergraduate
    and postgraduate students.
  • Dissemination of research knowledge from laboratories to field animal
    health specialists and livestock farmers.




Students of B.V.Sc. & A.H, M.V.Sc. and PhD are taught thoroughly on
both theoretical and practical aspects of Veterinary Clinical Medicine:

  • Clinical aspects of diseases of different body systems of different
    species of  animals
  • Metabolic and deficiency diseases of animals
  • Animal welfare, ethics and jurisprudence
  • Zoo/wild and laboratory animal medicine

point lectures as well as updated practical manuals have been prepared by
the faculty for effective teaching of UG and PG students.



Department is actively engaged in research on need based economically
important diseases of farm and companion animals. Most of the research
activity is carried out via M.V.Sc and Ph.D students under able guidance
of department faculty members.
Thrust area research

  • Large Animal Medicine
  • Mastitis
  • Prevention of production diseases through metabolic profiling.
  • Transition cow management
  • Mineral Imbalances
  • Haemoprotozoan diseases
  • Small Animal Medicine
  • Dermatology, Cardiology, Nephrology
  • Parasitic diseases of dogs.
  • Therapeutic application of alternative medicinal approaches for animal
    disease management.



Faculty Members


Designation Qualification Email Contact No. View
Mukesh Srivastava
Assistant Professor PhD drmukeshvetmed@rediffmail.com +919639209737
Assistant Professor MVSc ashishvetmed@gmail.com +919453660961
Shanker K. Singh
Assistant Professor Ph D pshankervet@gmail.com +919897413042
Arvind Tripathi
Assistant Professor MVSc arvindvet04@rediffmail.com +919412336092
Alok Kumar Chaudhary
Assistant Professor MVSc dr.alokvet@gmail.com +918791188448
Dr. Padma Nibash Panigrahi Assistant Professor MVSc pnpvetmed@gmail.com +919917757549


and laboratory
Department has well equipped laboratories for
graduate and post graduate teaching and research. Department also
tends to
provide routine diagnostic support to clinical cases presented to the
hospital (TVCC) of the university.

diagnostic facilities
Routine hematology, Serum chemistry analysis, Urine
analysis, Milk analysis.

Medicine Lab

Medicine Lab

health diagnostic lab



  • Expert clinical services at TVCC, of the University.
  • Treatment of animals at farmers door step in rural area through
    ambulatory clinical services and clinical camps.
  • Expert clinical services on request of forest department at lion
    safari Etawah and other zoos etc.
  • Disease outbreak investigation and clinical services on request of
    Animal Husbandry Department, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Training of Veterinary Officers on different aspect of Veterinary
    Clinical Medicine during various training programs organized by
  • Emergency clinical services after routine out patient department
    timing at TVCC of the University.
  • Need based lectures for the undergraduate students during their
    internship program for preparation of their JRF exams.
  • Basic animal husbandry and health management training of livestock
    extension officer, retired army personells and farmers.




Various prestigious awards has been received by faculty members of the