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Vet. Surgery & Radiology

Department of Surgery & Radiology

The erstwhile U.P. College of Veterinary Science and Animal
Husbandry was established in 1947. The department of Surgery &
Radiology was established in the year 1950-51 to impart training to
undergraduate students of BVSc & AH. Post graduate studies leading
to award of MVSc and PhD degree began in the year 1968 and 1978,
respectively. The department started rendering post-graduate courses
in the year 1968. Since then there had been a continued expansion in
the departmental activities, providing facilities for research and
post-graduate teaching in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology including
radiology. Recently further facilities for research have been extended
and in clinical work. The experiential learning center at TVCC is a
recent development in last 3 years to upgrade the facility of clinical
veterinary surgery. This center is equipped with some state of the art
clinical facilities such as radiology wing equipped with 500mA and
100mA machine, 9‘’ C-arm image intensifier, ultrasound machine,
multiparameter patient monitors, anaesthetic machine, endoscopy,
operating microscope, electrosurgery unit, etc. The clinical surgery
work conducted by the department covers management of trauma,
orthopaedic surgery, endoscopic procedures, soft tissue surgery,
management of prolapses and large animal surgery and other
clinicosurgical conditions.


Department is involved in teaching Surgery and Radiology to
undergraduate (BVSc&AH) and Post-graduate (MVSc and PhD)

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Faculty Position:


Designation Qualification Email Contact No. View
Dr.R.P.Pandey Professor & Head Ph D dr.rudrapandey@gmail.com; +919412827816
Assistant Professor MVSc ishitagulshan@rediffmail.com +919956106424
Vivek Malik
Assistant Professor PhD vickeyvet@gmail.com +919412492696
Sanjay Purohit
Assistant Professor PhD spurohit2000@gmail.com +91956859488


Department is well equipped with modern equipments and
facilities necessaries for undergraduate (B.V.Sc & AH) teaching and
post-graduate (M.V.Sc, PhD) and research work.

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