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Welcome to DUVASU, Mathura


Vet. & AH Extension


of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education

Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry
Extension Education was created in the year 1962 to flood livestock owners
with information and innovative knowledge by adopting improved
technologies that may enhance their skills, increase their productivity,
provide more employment opportunities and to make them economically
The department provides under-graduate and
post-graduate teaching to the students to train them with extension
methodologies for better diffusion of innovative researches among
livestock owners. The department in addition to teaching also performs
field extension activities to orient livestock holders with first-hand
information of innovative livestock technologies.

Major activities of the

  • Under-graduate teaching in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension
    according to the mandate and prescribed curriculum of the VCI.
  • To impart postgraduate teaching and advanced training programme in
    Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension.
  • Conduct research in the areas of extension, communication, training
    & teaching methods, extension management, marketing and entrepreneur
    sectors to promote livestock development.
  • To disseminate the applied research of University among livestock
    owners/ farmers in order to increase the production potential of their
  • To get feedback from the farmers/ livestock owners/State Governments
    regarding various practices for future research and investigation.
  • To establish liason between state/central governments and the
    University by organizing training programmes for the state officers.


Under Graduate Courses (B.V.Sc
& A.H.)

  1. Principles and Techniques of Veterinary  and Animal Husbandry
    Extension (VAE-311)
  2. Livestock Economics, Marketing  and Business management (VAE-321)
  3. Livestock Entrepreneurship (VAE-511)

Post-Graduate Courses

  1. Fundamentals of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension (AHE-601)
  2. Communication for Livestock Development (AHE-602)
  3. Diffusion and Adoption of Animal Husbandry Practices (AHE-603)
  4. Extension Techniques and Audio Visual Aids (AHE-604)
  5. Animal Husbandry Programme Planning & Evaluation (AHE-605)
  6. Research Methodology in Veterinary and A.H. Extension (AHE-606)
  7. Social Psychology and Group Dynamics (AHE-607)
  8. Animal   Husbandry  Development Programme (AHE-608)
  9. Development on the Concept of Extension (AHE-609)
  10. Human Resource Management in Animal Husbandry Sector (AHE-610)
  11. Gender And Livestock Development (AHE-611)
  12. Information and Communication Technology in Livestock Development
  13. Credit Seminar (AHE-691)
  14. Masters  Research (AHE-699)

Diploma in Livestock Extension:

  1. Extension activities including survey, data collection and analysis




Research activities undertaken by the department through projects. The
research projects are formulated and approved under Research Programme for
transfer of technologies, Promoting scientific animal husbandry practices,
development of ICT modules, evaluating the impact and regarding training
need analysis of various stakeholders.

The department was associated with the
following projects:

  • Pashu Gyan Chaupal
  • Conservation of Muzaffarnagari Sheep
  • Imparting scientific knowledge of animal rearing for better production
    through technology transfer to livestock owner

M.V.Sc Research work in Department
1.    Impact assessment of livestock services delivery
among livestock owners in Mathura.
2.    A Comparative study to assess role of Information and
Communication Technology(ICT) among livestock owners



Faculty Position:


Designation Qualification Email Contact No. View
Associate Professor & Incharge Ph D drsanjeevkumarsingh@gmail.com +919412331895
Amit Singh
Assistant Professor PhD dr25amitsingh@gmail.com +919458075197
Rashmi Katheria
Assistant Professor MVSc katherad@yahoo.com +919528710942


technology laboratory with modern Equipment facilities:

  1. Projection screens (fixed & portable)
  2. Epidiascope
  3. Overhead projector
  4. Slide projectors
  5. Multimedia projector
  6. Still and Video Camera
  7. Interactive board
  8. Visualizer
  9. Display boards (assorted models, with accessories)
  10. Panel boards
  11. Television (coloured)
  12. Literature (Leaflet and folder)

B. Exhibition unit to
exhibits scientific knowledge on animal husbandry
C. Group discussion chambers/mini seminar room
D. Farmers friendly extension literature covering different
aspect of livestock



  • Transfer of technologies on animal husbandry practices are
    displayed and disseminated to farmer by this department.
  • To conduct On and Off campus training programme on scientific animal
    husbandry practices for the farmers.
  • To organizes Need Based Training Programme to meet the requirements of
    livestock owners and funding agencies
  • Department actively participated in various Kisan Melas organized at
    university campus, Deen Dayal Dham Farah, Indian Veterinary Research
    Institute, Bareilly and other locations by establishing stall and
    displaying technologies.
  • Organization of Refresher Training Programmes for Veterinary Officers,
    Livestock Extension Officers of the State Animal Husbandry Department
    and Army Personnel’s.
  • Exposure Visit cum educational tours for farmers from different states
    under various schemes.
  • Display boards on covering major topic related to livestock production
    and management was designed and printed for the exhibition hall of the



department is associated with different projects for capacity building of
the livestock farmers by disseminating door step information and service
for their upliftment. The faculty and students of the department were
contributing in the research through projects, seminar, and conference and
through publications.

  • The department is actively participating in Kisan Melas organized at
    different places and received significant attention from different
  • The department has received appreciation awards for participating in
    various events.
  • Along with this department has established a good liasioning with
    other department of veterinary & animal husbandry extension of
    different institutions.
  • Exposure visits of visitor including farmers, farm women and other
    stakeholders were conducted demonstrating the university activity.
  • Student exposure visits cum animal management awareness camps were
    organized by department in Mathura, District of Uttar Pradesh.