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Department of Teaching Veterinary Clinical
Complex: An advanced experiential learning centre

Kothari Veterinary Hospital, since its establishment in the year
1949, has not only been the mirror image of the clinical activities
and services of Veterinary College to farmers and livestock owners,
but also the major source of practical hands on training to veterinary
graduate and post-graduate students. Kothari Veterinary Hospital has
been addressing the animal health related problems of not only Mathura
or adjoining areas of UP but Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and
Madhya Pradesh as well. Kothari Veterinary Hospital has been recently
renovated by University with the financial assistance from ICAR and
has been very well transformed to Special Experiential Learning Centre
in an effort to guarantee learning opportunities to the undergraduate
and postgraduate students through integration of basic knowledge and
conceptual aspects with hands on training and practice in real life
and instill greater confidence, competitiveness and competence to meet
out the growing and emerging challenges to animal health. Very soon,
this Centre is going to be elevated to the status of State Referral

Experiential Learning Centre has the salient features like computer
assisted teaching room, sterile supply section, diagnostic laboratory
having blood chemistry analyzer and haematology analyzer, orthopedic
and small animal operation room with the state of art facilities like
9” C-arm image intensifier, X-ray, diathermy, electro-surgery unit,
minimally invasive surgery unit, multi-parameter monitor, operating
microscope for ophthalmic and micro-surgery, large animal operation
room, diagnostic imaging section having two ultra-sound machines,
large animal shed, six individual consultation cabins, change room
etc. After creation of these facilities, there has been substantial
increase in the number of cases coming to this hospital.

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Ram Sagar
Associate Professor PhD rsagarkh@gmail.com +919412492735